Micro-titer plates are used to perform numerous tests in a small space. Made of transparent polystyrene, ANICRIN micro-titer plates are available in various formats, in the sterile and non-sterile version.

Micro-titer plates  for immunology
The immunology plates can be sealed with a lid and are available in four versions: bottom "Flat", "U", "V", "Convex".

Flat bottom well plates are recommended for colorimetric investigations and optical measurements.

The U-shaped bottom plates are characterized by the rounded shape of the wells. These plates present no corners; equipped with a connecting thread to ensure perfect flatness, they are mainly suitable for stirring and washing samples.

Plates with "V" bottom wells have a conical conformation which favors sample recovery. The joint thread between the wells allows a perfect flatness.

"Convex" bottom well plates are recommended for optical colorimetric or enzymological analyzes. Their particular shape limits the interference of corpuscular elements with the light beam of the detector instrument, ensuring an optimal analysis of the sample.