is in our DNA.

The efficiency of our production lines is the result of continuous research to optimize performance and reduce waste. The introduction of the modern Industry 4.0 man-machine integration systems in the production and warehouse areas allows to accurately monitor all the processing phases.

Thanks to the automatic and real-time information acquisition from machinery, Anicrin is able to constantly monitor the activities of the plant, ensuring the optimization of production and management of incoming materials and outgoing products.


A brand of i'M

The advantages that unite us.

One group, one ideology, three specific areas of expertise.
Anicrin belongs to the i'M group, which also includes the GonzagArredi Montessori and iMilani.


Gam & i Milani

countries served.

For over 40 years Anicrin has been present on the international market thanks to its production experience and knowledge of the specific demands of the market itself, which allow us to offer customers an innovative and targeted service.