Anicrin | Company
Since 1976, year of its establishment, this firm works in the areas of moulding, injection and blow moulding of technical laborware items
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ANICRIN s.r.l. is a leader company in the areas of moulding, injection and blow moulding of technical laborware items especially designed for sectors of bacteriology, diagnostic, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Since 1976, year of its establishment, this firm works on International markets and operates form a plant with a covered surface area of 7.500 square meters located on mainland Venice.

ANICRIN s.r.l. is provided of a technical staff team highly qualified and specialized. It has an internal workshop, operating with advanced machines, that manifactures moulds, also for third parties. Technological investement and vocational training are the basis of Anicrin’s philosophy. This is why we are able to offer more and more advanced extractors as far as technical features are concerned. The selection of the best materials is part of our absolute quality research.
Production is divided in two departments: INJECTION e BLOW MOULDING, duly studied to operate in absolute cleaning and efficiency, due to delicacy and to the requirements of devices produced.


To ensure that injection moulding process is reliable and that the moulded parts are of the finest quality, the moulding tools need to be designed, manufactured, operated and mantained to the highest possible standards.
The contribution of our highly skilled technicians and moulding specialists, using state-of-the-art injection moulding equipment, results in precision components of outstanding quality which are characteristic of our products. Since we produce our own tools for injection moulding, we have full control over the whole process, and our in-house quality control procedures can extend to tool-making and tool manteinance.

This close relationship between tool-making and moulding allows us to dramatically reduce the timne taken to develop new plastic products. By managing the entire production process, we are in excellent position to respond dynamically to the needs of researchers in the life sciences.
The warehouse can manage orders to be executed in a suitable timescale by working on “stock reserve” principle, which guarantees very rapid and flexible delivery times to fully satisfy the needs of a increasingly exacting and growing clientele.